Melissa Boone is the owner of My True Image Weight Loss & Vitality Center

Melissa is a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant, Certified Colon Hydro-Therapist and is currently enrolled in an accredited Holistic Nutrition Coach and Wellness Program.

After struggling with my own weight loss issues for many years trying every new diet or program I could find. I finally went to a bariatric surgeon spoke with him about medical procedures to lose weight. We discussed the Lap Band and chose that as the best option for me. Well let me just say how nice they are while courting you but after the deed is done so is the love affair. For over 10 years with that band in me not only was my body rejecting it by causing horrible daily sickness. The amount of scar tissue that wrapped around my stomach became so painful I couldn’t take it anymore. Year after year trying to get it removed no one would touch it. Finally in 2018 I found a surgeon that said oh no that needs to come out ASAP. I met with her on a Wednesday had it out that Friday oh my word after a little recovery time I’m finally getting well.

So make this a quick version my goals in life have changed my work path and education for health is my passion. On my new endeavor to help others avoid the dark path I went down.

I’m am here and dedicated to my clients to help them achieve a brighter and healthier life. Were here to change those bad habits, eat proper nutrition, build muscle and be happy with ourselves.

For only being in business for a short time myself I have many happy clients. I want to say thank you for all the positive feedback and great reviews I receive.

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